Testimonials - Benji Cooper Photography

Benji was absolutely on point along the whole creative process of our films. He's a really nice guy with excellent communication skills that makes it always a pleasure to discuss ideas with him. Calm, patient and open to new ideas and challenges, Benji Cooper is the best professional that I had the pleasure to work with in the film industry.

- Eloy Bandin, Cut Capers

Benji Cooper flew five thousand miles, filmed the greatest music video of all time, and then flew home. If that's not going the extra mile (or 5000 miles), i don't know what is!

- Tom Taylor, Cut Capers

He's super proactive, enthusiastic and has an endless supply of patience, especially when it comes to the clients editing needs!

- Jane Thomas, Cut Capers

When you're working on any art form it's easy to not look beyond your own vision; you can't always take that step back. But that's exactly what it needs to take it from being just good, to something even more than you had first imagined. 

Bringing Benji on to the project was exactly what what needed to happen. He let us take that step back and gave us options and advice all the way through the project from pre production right through to the edit. His enthusiasm and energy gave us all motivation throughout the day and gave us great constructive creative feedback which defiantly made a better product! This carried through to post shoot too where Benji gave us regular updates of how the project was looking and always asked for feedback which just made the end project so much better than it would have been if we had done the video ourselves.

- Josh Hawker, Skata Tones

Benji was the consummate professional throughout our video-making experience. A real strength was his creativity and adaptability around potential obstacles: bad weather, limited time/band availability, lack of ideas from us the band!

Able to think on the spot and incorporate new ideas which arise during the filming process, and working with us and surroundings to get a strong and unique shoot, Benji keeps his eyes open to what is working and what is not in order to deliver the best possible end product. He has a range of framing and editing styles and techniques at his disposal and can absorb and factor in any influences/suggestions to deliver a bespoke product to brief.

Working with the band through multiple edit revisions and managing 8 band-member opinions/expectations, Benji guaranteed we were all thoroughly chuffed with the finished video!

- Nick van Tinteren, Cut Capers

Big blue thumb!

- Matt Sunderland, Cut Capers

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